Mr. Linear Compressor L5 / PS-274 Airbrush Set


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Mr. Linear Compressor L5 / PS-274 Airbrush Set

A quiet operating noise and high reliability
- Linear Compressor L5 is a standard model of compressors. Tractable
Double action airbrush formula including PS274, because it also comes with air regulator
You can do a paint job soon after purchase.
- Airbrush accessories: PS274 Procon BOY WA 0.3
To adopt the most standard 0.3mm diameter nozzle. Blow from the entire width of the paint, I painted camouflage fine blow
Of course, good command and gradients as well as paint metallic paint, standard type easy to handle
Line to the air valve, the design that intersect at an angle of the body and is the airbrush. From the button,
I am familiar with the nature and the hand when you have.

- The set includes:.. Mr Linear Compressor L5, Mr air regulator Mk.I,
Equation 0.3 Double action airbrush · PS274 Procon BOY WA,
Two (thin PS cap length) / 1.5m hose length 1m, air brush holder × direct mounting,
PS for more joint concave / convex 1/8 (S), for more joint PS concave / convex 1/8 (S)

General Safety Warning: Products may contain sharp points, small parts, choking hazards, and other elements not suitable for children under 12 years old.
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