MG Build Strike Gundam Full Package Model Kit (1/100 Scale)


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  • Build Strike Gundam from "Gundam Build Fighters" appears with MG series' 
  • With the concept "What kind of MG would the protagonist Sei make?", it is built based on MG Aile Strike Gundam Ver. RE.
  • The Build Booster is detachable. You can display the Build Booster independently on the included stand by using coupling parts.
  • 3 types of Beam Rifles can be recreated by replacing the parts.
  • As one of MG's original gimmicks, unused parts can be mounted on to CHOBAM (Ceramics Hybrid Outer-shelled Blow up Act-on Materials) shield.
  • The parking mode with grounding 3 points can be achieved when activating the new MG original landing gear.
  • Its wings are movable in each section. By placing the wings horizontally, the flight form can be achieved.
  • The large size beam cannon can be held downward. Flexible arms provide many possibilities for its poses.
  • Runner x22, Marking sticker x1, Color sticker x1, Dry decal x1, Instruction manual x1
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