Laevatein Ver.IV "Full Metal Panic!", Bandai Metal Build


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Laevatein Ver.IV "Full Metal Panic!", Bandai Metal Build

m is limited to one piece per household. Any orders for more than one piece (or additional orders) may be cancelled.

The ultimate expression of Laevatein, re-designed just in time for the Spring 2018 televised anime Fullmetal Panic! Invisible Victory.

In addition to new coloring, the improvements include new chest posability, opening grenade ports, redesigned head-mounted thermal radiator, and wings for a more dramatic appearance. The Lambda Driver can be displayed in active mode without needing to swap parts. In addition to the weaponry, it also includes many accessories, such as figures and a gantry for maintenance scenes. The cockpit opens to reveal a seat for the pilot figure!

Product Features

  • 7.1 inches (18cm)
  • Made of ABS, PVC and die-cast
  • From the Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory anime series
  • Includes new and improved parts, paint, and a wide array of weapons and accessories
  • Cockpit can open to reveal a seat for the pilot figure

Box Contents

  • Metal Build Laevatein figure
  • 4 pairs of hands
  • Left and right wings
  • Thermal radiator
  • 2 manipulator arms
  • Seward howitzer
  • Arsenal 165mm cannon
  • Demolition gun
  • Magazine for demolition gun
  • Mount parts
  • 2 M1067 hand grenades
  • 2 Royal Ordinance M1108 anti-tank daggers
  • 2 XM18 wireguns
  • OTO Melara Boxer II 76mm cannon
  • 2 cannon magazines
  • Weapon support arm
  • Pilot figure
  • Pilot seat
  • Tweezers
  • Stand
  • 2 Geotron GRAW-4 monomolecular cutters
  • Demolition gun joint
  • Sosuke Sagara in flight suit figure