HG 1/100 #06 Over Flag


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HG 1/100 #06 Over Flag

  • Beautifully-molded in colour by Bandai using their patented multi-gate technology (which allows multiple colours on a single runner)
  • All parts snap together for ease of assembly
  • The sharp appearance is designed to evoke the image of a fighter jet when transformed. Translucent plastic is used for the facemask, and includes molded sensor unit detail.
  • Features accurate interior details such as jet turbines. Includes 1/100 scale pilot, maintenance, a linear rifle and plasma cutters (x2), and the hilts of the plasma cutters can be stored in the forearms, and runway guide person figures
  • The SVMS-01O Over Flag, is a enhanced ver. of the Flag created by Prof Ralph Eifman and Billy Katagiri. The elite Union Flag series was a limited production MS for the ace pilots of the Anti-Gundam Investigative Squad "Over Flags".