Pre-Order Gundam Astray Blue Frame (Full Weapon Set) 'Gundam Seed Astray", Bandai Metal Build


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The Gundam Astray Blue Frame, piloted by hero Gai Murakumo, with full weapons load as seen in Part 3 of the manga serialization. The full weapon system includes toy-only original features such as the 8-Shot Short Range Guided Missile Launchers, which can be mounted in various ways using joints.

The set includes the 180mm diecast and plastic Gundam figure, antenna, backpack, 3 types of exchangeable hands (L/R), a beam rifle, an anti-beam shield, 2 beam sabers, a custom stand, a weapon rack, a joint system, 2 recoilless rifles, two 3-Shot Short-Range Guided Missile Launchers, and two 8-Shot Short Range Guided Missile Launchers.

Product size: Approx 7"
Package size: Approx 10.5"x15"x3"