Spray Booth OPERA-06

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Spray Booth OPERA-06
ArttyStation Opera Full Set
Slide&Tilting Drawer Paint Shelf OPERA-19B (For Lacquer)
Slide&Tilting Drawer Paint Shelf OPERA-19A (For acrylic, enamel)

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June Backorder

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Spray Booth OPERA-06

Spray Booth
Spray booth takes up most volume and importance in model crafting.

ArttyStation utilizes small space of 30cm x 30cm left and right to install a spray booth with superior performance compared to some low-cost spray booth, and solved the issue of shifting work sites for airbrushing to finish crafting in one seating at craft workstation.
Wide Booth Entry
ArttyStation`s spray booth is small but the entry where the actual spraying is being done is quite wide.

After attaching the acrylic cover on each side to begin airbrushing, it turns into a large space of 42cm from left to right, and provides sufficient space to airbrush a large sized model.
Dust Cover for Full Rear Side
Spray booth are quick to be contaminated after airbrushing with many types of paints.

ArttyStation`s spray booth can install dust filter that covers all rear left & right side that clean booth can be maintained by replacing the filter.

The dust filter is fixed with 4 covers fixed with magnets for easy and simple filter change.
Place Anywhere on Left or Right side
The spray booth for ArttyStation Opera is designed in modular form that it can be installed any side to accommodate user’s needs.

It can be repositioned to adjust for changed needs, so it is versatile and can be used for longer time with less fuss.
Installable High-power Sirocco Blower Fan
ArttyStation`s spray booth is specifically built to install sirocco fan TB-115 from InnoTech which is most well known among personal spray booth fans.

Install cost-effective and powerful TB-115 to complete build of a silent spray booth with performance at another level.

(TB-115 is not included in the product set)
3 Types of Toggle Switch
There are three locations available to freely install toggle switch to accommodate the user`s needs.

The user can choose to install toggle switch as Spray Booth On/Off, Interior Booth Light On/Off, or ArttyStation Overall Light On/Off Switch.
Acrylic Cover
ArttyStation`s Spray Booth is featured with an acrylic cover to prevent dust or foreign substance to flow in when the booth is not being used.

The acrylic cover is fixed with magnet for simple detaching, and the detached cover can be slided in on each side to expand spray booth work area.
※ In order to utilize Spray Booth/Toggle Switch, Blower Fan and Spray Booth Lights (can be purchased separately at the shop) are needed for the assemble.

※ Assemble instruction is presented in the product manual in detail for an easy build.
General Safety Warning: Products may contain sharp points, small parts, choking hazards, and other elements not suitable for children under 12 years old.
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