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Brush and Paint Plates Holder OPERA-04



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Brush and Paint Plates Holder OPERA-04


Brush/Tool Holders
ArttyStation can store brushes and long tools of different lengths and sizes.

General brush/tool holders were difficult to search through other brushes since it was to put brushes vertically in from above.
ArttyStation got rid of this problem by diagonally placing the holder so brushes in any slot can be reached with ease.

Total of 114 slots provides plenty of room to sufficiently store all types of brushes and long tools that an individual may use in one place.
ArttyStation`s Brush/Tool Holders are visibly divided with a separation line to organize in categories.

A variety of tools such as painting brushes, weathering brush, color-mixing tools, knives, craft thread, etc. can be all stored without clutter, and neatly put away.
It is designed with large, medium, and small slots to hold thin brushes to thick tools without frustration.

ArttyStation`s Brush/Tool Holder is composed of triple layer board that provides neat organization of tools even when they are put away horizontally.
Color-Mixing Palette
ArttyStation can hold color-mixing plates to arrange them like a palette.

The plates are designed to set on a slant so when paint is poured on, it gathers toward the front. It minimizes amount of paint wasted, and keeps it from drying for longer period of time.

On the right is a used brush holder to set brushes down between painting.
The back of color-mixing palette can be used to hang a roll of aluminum foil or wrap. The roll can be rolled out to cover paint plates.
Before coloring, cover up all color-mixing plates with foil and use the top of foil as a palette. After the task, remove the foil to minimize cleaning.

Use ArttyStation to minimize cleaning work which is one of the most tedious work in painting to focus more on the fun of model crafting.
General Safety Warning: Products may contain sharp points, small parts, choking hazards, and other elements not suitable for children under 12 years old.
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