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Slide&Tilting Drawer Paint Shelf OPERA-19B (For Lacquer)



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Slide&Tilting Drawer Paint Shelf OPERA-19B (For Lacquer)
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Slide&Tilting Drawer Paint Shelf OPERA-19B (For Lacquer)


Innovation of paint storage method

Small in size, unbelievable amount of paint storage and the infinite extensibility to its top/bottom/left/right side!

For acrylic, enamel paint (26mm)Maximum amount of 60 paint pots storable. Majority of the acrylic paints and Tamiya, Academy's and any kind of square bottled enamel paints are compatible.


For Lacquer paints (36mm)Maximum amount of 40 paint pots storable. Mr. Color lacquer (regular/ large size all compatible), IPP lacquer, Tamiya acrylic paint’s circular pots are also compatible.

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Even the paints stored in the back is easily reached and easily taken out!

Especially with the slide & tiltng method that is patent pending even the paints stored at the far back can be easily reached in and out.

With the previous paint shelfs,There was no easy way to take out the paints stored in the back, so the only method of storage was to stack the paints on top of each other in several rows.
So to store large amounts of paint in a single storage, the “problem of paint shelf size being enormous” was inevitable.
However with Arttystation’s Slide & tilting drwawer paint shelf,Solved all of these problems above, with the small size of width 30cm x height 15cm x depth 15cm, and storage ability as many as 60 acrylic & enamel paints, And 40 lacquer paints with easy access and storage of paints in any stored area.

It can be used with multiple shelves connected to each other

Multiple shelves can be connected top/down/right/left to store hundreds of paints with no problem at all.

If connecting 4 acrylic paint shelves, maximum amount of 240 paints can be stored, and if connecting 4 lacquer paint shelves, maximum amount of 160 paints can be stored in a small space of width 60cm x height 30cm x depth 15cm.


Every product is not just being stacked, but it is strongly combined together by wooden standoffs in any direction (top/bottom/right/left) as if it was a single product. Also it can be disconnected and relocate it.

It is much more powerful when combined with different module of other functions

It can be used much comfortably when combined with previous Artty station’s opera modules like brush, tool racks, other drawers and etc.


Don’t worry about ever growing number of the paints!

This is the perfect paint shelf for everybody, from a beginner with 2~30 paints to a heavy user with few hundred paints.


Acrylic/enamel paints type

Shelf for majority of acrylic paints of AK Interactive, MIG, Vallejo and etc. and square pot types of enamel paints from Tamiya and Academy.


Lacquer paints type (pot type paints less than 36mm)

Maximum 40 paint pots storable. Every type of Mr. Hobby’s lacquer (regular/large size both storable), IPP lacquer paint, Tamiya acrylic paints in pot forms are mostly stored. Other pot type paints with diameter of less than 36mm can be stored.


Product Type & Compatibie list

Type A : For acrylic, enamel paint (26mm)

26mm acrylic Paints
Humbrol Paints
Testors Paints
Gaianotes Paints (Normal Size)
Gaianotes Paints (Laege Size)

Type B : For Lacquer (36mm)

TAMIYA Acrylic
Citadel Paints
Please contact us for compatibility with paints not on this compatibility list.
# This product is protected by patent. Any unauthorized replication of the product can be criminally punished and be filed a claim of damage.
General Safety Warning: Products may contain sharp points, small parts, choking hazards, and other elements not suitable for children under 12 years old.
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