Dragon Ball Z Figure-rise Mechanics Saiyan Space Pod


$ 36.99 $ 46.99



Product Size: 6.3 inches (16cm)

A new series has come to Figure-rise: "Figure-rise Mechanics"!

The Saiyans attack at full impact with their space pod, now available as a model kit. The space pod has a super impressive size of approximately 6 inches in height and even comes with Vegeta at the time of attack! The pod has the same scale as Figure-rise Standard so please enjoy and create the DBZ world with other Figure-rise characters. Its interior mecha structure is faithfully recreated with a highly detailed structure of the hatch door's movement and functionality as well as scale reproduction of the meters and seat.

Spaceship body
Fix-posed Vegeta (seated position)
Display base
9 Runners
Sticker Sheet
Instruction manual