BB402 Gundam Barbatos Lupus DX "Gundam IBO", Bandai SD


$ 13.99 $ 15.99


A new force for the Tekkadan is here! The Gundam Barbatos Lupus has now launched with a rich variety of weapons as a BB Senshi! With an arm-mounted cannon, arm-mounted rocket cannon, sword mace, and twin mace, this kit comes with a wide range of weapons! A mobile worker and a battleship are also included! You can freely combine the armor and mecha to create a variety of styles! Set includes sword mace x1, twin mace x2, arm-mounted rocket cannon x2, arm mounted cannon x2, Isaribi x1, mobile worker x1, and more! Runner x4. Foil sticker x1. Instruction manual x1.

Product size: Approx 3.5"
Package size: Approx 12.2"x7.9"x2.2"

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