014 Gundam Barbatos Lupus "IBO: 2nd Season", Bandai SD EX-Standard


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Gundam Barbatos Lupus, a main MS from "Iron-Blooded Orphans 2nd Season" is being released as the 14th SD Gundam EX-Standard! With its stylish proportions and ease of assembly, this is a kit everyone will love! The runners and stickers are arranged by color to accurately recreate the model's color scheme. Add this to your SD collection and make sure to keep an eye out for more future models in the line up! More popular mobile suits are set to launch one after another. Set includes 1 sword-mace and two 200 mm Caliber guns on the forearm. Runner x3. Foil seal x1. Instruction manual x1.

Product size: Approx 4"
Package size: Approx 8.1"x5.9"x1.9"