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Product Description

The key word is a gigantic combination!

It is a Gigantic Arms that transforms into a "tank type leg" and "four leg type unit" that can be used for security armor and frame arm. 
The flexible crawler leg adopts the connection style of 5 mm diameter by the design with strength, the various hard points applied to the armor surface are unified at 3 mm diameter and decorated with parts such as various frame arm and MSG It is possible to. 
The newly developed hexagonal universal joint unevenness enables you to convert the 5 mm diameter joint of the hip joint connected to the core block to 3 mm diameter, and enjoy it together with parts such as frame arm and MSG. 
<Patent pending>

■ The basic form of the droid It is possible to deform from the "standing mode" to the combined form "frame mode" and "quadruped mode" to the frame arms in which the legs are deformed. 
We will use the mounting parts of exclusively designed 3mm axis to unite to frame arm. 
■ It is possible to adjust the installation position of the crawler leg by using the included hexagonal type general purpose joint (5 mm). 
In addition to mounting step parts using hexagonal universal joint concavities and convexities, it is also possible to mount corresponding weapon units and the like. 
By combining with optional Blitz Gunner, you can use it as a huge Exoskeleton Unit "Powered Guardian" and you can have an action figure of about 150 mm including Frame Arms · Girl etc on board. 
■ The main unit which combines various consoles is expanded armor, it can expand and contract the arm, you can attach a mini-hand to the tip and have the attached machine gun. 
■ Sensors and system console screens use clear parts, and even just assembling it will result in a finish close to the image. 
■ Newly Developed Hexagonal General Purpose Joint The 5 mm diameter joint of the hip joint which connects to the core block by unevenness can be converted to 3 mm diameter, you can enjoy it together with parts such as frame arm and MSG. 
<Patent pending>

■ Used in combination Hexagon type joint (for hip joint) Horizontal part 
■ Sub machine gun × 2 
■ Hexagonal type general purpose joint concave × 4 
■ Hexagonal type general purpose joint convex × 2 
■ Hexagonal type general purpose joint (5 mm) × 2 
■ colorless clear part

* Instructions on union with "Gigantic Arms 02 Blitz Gunner" sold separately

General Safety Warning: Products may contain sharp points, small parts, choking hazards, and other elements not suitable for children under 12 years old.
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