Flat Brush Godhands

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Flat Brush Godhands

In god

Resistant to solvents! Well-prepared brush tip! 
A brush with a focus on brush painting!

A brush with an emphasis on brush painting of models!

"Shinfude" is a delicate brush made of artificial hair by a full-blown brushman. 
Unlike ordinary chemical fiber brushes, it has a non-greasy hair that is difficult to tear, and it can maintain the feeling of use that you always use as freshly grated.

Delicate brush tip by craftsmanship!

The hair of "Kumafude" is produced by manufacturing Japanese-made artificial hair (PBT) 
brush itself taking into consideration the strength of Kosi, and it is hand-made by a Japanese brush maker of artificial hair full-hand by hand one by one You are

Resistant to solvents!

The brush of animal hair is damaged when dipped in solvent, and it tends to tear or tear, but 
it is hard to damage it because it is PBT hair that is strong in solvent.

In addition, since the bond that holds the brush tip uses a solvent-resistant material, it is possible to keep a good brush tip for a long time.

Ideal for brush painting! Flexible Kosi!

The brush tip is more flexible than general chemical fiber brushes because it is adjusted to be easy to brush-paint the model.

Easy-to-use brush tip shape for models!

We have a variety of brush tip shapes that can be used depending on the painting scene.


The relationship between the length of the brush tip and the thickness (number of hairs) is as shown in the figure.

※ All three types have the same length for polar face contrast writing.


If the brush tip is short, the amount of water supplied to the paint will be small, and it will cause the paint to dry immediately. 
Therefore, the design of the brush tip has a balance of ease of drawing and water absorption ability in Kamifu

General Safety Warning: Products may contain sharp points, small parts, choking hazards, and other elements not suitable for children under 12 years old.
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