Bandai Hobby RX-0 Unicorn Gundam HD Color with MS Cage Master Grade OVA Scale 1/100


$ 70.99 $ 79.98


2010, the year of Unicorn, at least that's how Bandai sees it. To commemorate the release of Gundam Unicorn OVA, this kit, which bears the titular name, is released. A redesign of MG Unicorn Gundam ver Ka, this MG release will feature more poseability and, we expected, all the armaments that come with its predecessor. As to why the name is "Special Pack", a bonus "Cage" will be included with this release (as seen in the pictures but will not include a stand shown in the last picture), 4 1/100 scale figures, as well as 3 types of antennae (open, closed or the convertable version). Order your Special Pack today!

  • Fully transformable
  • New body color
  • An additional antenna for destroy mode
  • Head redesigned, including Vulcans, to match the animated version
  • MS Cage included that can store extra parts