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Customized by Vanila Vartla in episode 10 of the "Armored Trooper Votoms" anime series, here's Chirico's bad-ass Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom! This set offers the same sharply detailed plastic Scopedog kit previously released in June 2007, but this time with the addition of Red Shoulder Custom parts and an array of weaponry including a nine-barrel shoulder rocket launcher pod, nine rockets, SMM missile launcher, two missiles, solid shooter, gatling gun, two magazines, and a weapon control pack. You also get an unassembled standing Vanila figure molded in light brown along with a ladder, to recreate the scene where he presents his creation to Chirico!

With a level of detail and articulation akin to Bandai's Master Grade series, this kit also boasts Bandai's ingenious "Bolt On Snap" feature, where you get the feeling that you're actually assembling an AT by putting the tiny bolts into position with a small wrench! Talk about attention to detail! The bolts are used to hold external armor panels in place and will be visible after completion. Equally impressive is the incredibly detailed pilot cage produced on a four-piece slide-mold on a single runner. The Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom's upper arms and lower legs feature inner mechanical details, and even its heavy machine gun comes complete with mechanical detailing underneath its exterior casings!

Upon completion, it's hyper-articulated right down to its individually poseable fingers, and is capable of wielding its heavy machine gun with both hands in a more natural pose. Every feature of Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom as seen in animated form is faithfully replicated in this kit, including its hydraulic-powered arm punch that can extend forward, working gliding wheels that pop in and out underneath both feet, working turn picks, spinning turret lens, and ability to be posed in down form. Clear blue-green and a clear red jewel stickers are included for the lens, and foil stickers and water-slide decals are provided for custom markings. Includes two unassembled 1/20-scale Chirico figures, one standing and one sitting, molded in orange, along with two types of heads, masked and unmasked.

General Safety Warning: Products may contain sharp points, small parts, choking hazards, and other elements not suitable for children under 12 years old.
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