Cancellations Policy

Cancellation Policy



Most pre-orders may be canceled at any time before the items have been shipped. Payment for pre-orders is processed at the time of checkout. To cancel a pre-order Please send an email to and request to cancel a order. Please include your name and order number and support will email back with options. 

If you wish to cancel pre-orders there is a 5% cancellation fee

Fee may be waved if store credit is issued


When items are added to a shipment we begin the process of fulfilling your order. Once this happens items can no longer be canceled. Shipments are created when:

  • You place an order for in stock items 
  • Pre-orders that have arrived 

Payments in Process

All cancellation options may be temporarily unavailable when we are processing a payment for your order. If this occurs please try again after a few minutes when processing has finished.

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