Nipper-Tweezer and Modeling Equipment Holder OPERA-03



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Nipper-Tweezer and Modeling Equipment Holder OPERA-03

Modeling Equipment Multi-Holder
Products being used for model crafting are usually take their place on a desk.
If things like a thinner container for brush cleaning or glue accidentally spills over, it is most likely that much damage will be done.

ArttyStation can resolve all difficulties at once.

Tools often being used for model crafting such as types of glues, brush cleaning thinner container, super glue, Q-tips/toothpick container, large thinner jar and etc. are stored in one place for convenient organization. Not to mention the benefit of preventing spills and accidents since these items are fixed in place.
Nipper/Tweezer Holder
Probably tweezers and nippers are the most oftenly used tools in pla-model/model crafting.
ArttyStation is able to hold these mandatory tools in a simplified setting, and provides easy access Nipper/Tweezer Holder.

The holder is divided into two sections to distinguish nipper like tools, and tweerzer like tools. Any tools that can be hanged, can be stored without a problem.
Behind the holder, there is a Tape Holder to hang tapes to easily dispense and cut to be used, a space to put tissue box and spray cans.

Tape Holder is featured with a bar that can be used to temporarily place cut tapes, so it can be utilized to cut tape pieces, and prepare for model crafting.

Tape Holder & Nipper/Tweezer Holder are designed for easy disassemble to conveniently place a tissue box or spray cans.
General Safety Warning: Products may contain sharp points, small parts, choking hazards, and other elements not suitable for children under 12 years old.
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