Interview Moi The Artist Behind Nacchin Tanks

Hey there! ZakuAurelius here!

Recently we've had the Toys and Tanks Contest ongoing and were have been blessed with the opportunity to have the designers of the properties join as guest judges! For the Nacchin side, designer Moi will be judging. And for the Maruttoys side, designer MiZ will be judging! They both also agreed to a short interview so I would like to thank them both so much for their time and cooperation! I would also like to thank Kotobukiya for their support!

The following is my conversation with Moi-san.

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Zaku: Thank you for your time! 

Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Moi: I’m a robot designer- designing mecha for games and anime. Also, product designer for toys and plastic models. I deployed the original robot design Nacchin Tank.

Zaku: I see! When did you begin designing original robots? 

Moi: Since about September 30, 2015.

Zaku: Wow! You remember quite specifically! Was there something special that sparked that day?

Moi: When I was a company employee my work was design work. However, after I was promoted to a managerial position my work changed from designing to managing. 

My desire to design grew and drawing pictures and uploading them to social media.

Zaku: Did you have experience designing robots? why were you interested in robots in particular?

Moi: My job included creating the opening videos for games, so I had been involved in the design of robots that appeared there. 

I was interested in robots because I’ve always loved science-fiction movies and anime.

Zaku: Fantastic! When you first started posting your original designs to SNS what did you think of the reaction from people? 

Moi: It was a situation where no one was watching, so there was no reaction.

Zaku: As your followers grew, you had the opportunity for your designs to become plastic models! What was that like? 

Moi: Well it didn’t exactly become a plastic model because I had more followers. But there was a person selling original plastic models, so I went to him to ask how he made it happen. At that time, there happened to be a plastic model maker. It flowed from there.

Zaku: That was of course the 1/100 scale Nacchin correct? It is such a fun kit! And received numerous variation releases! That must have been very exciting for you!

Moi: Yes, that was the 1/100 scale Nacchin! It was a very valuable and wonderful experience!

Zaku: And now we have the 1/35 scale series which is being produced by Kotobukiya! How closely are you involved in designing the model kits?

Moi: Kotobukiya asked, “What kind of Nacchin would you like to have?” I answered, “I want to make a full action version of Nacchin!”

So I did the 3D modeling myself and I also reviewed the design. 

Zaku: You must be very happy with the success of Nacchin! How did you feel building the kit for yourself? 

Moi: I was really happy that so many people have made it! 

When I made my own kit, however, it felt strange. It still gives me a strange feeling every time I make it. I designed something and it became 3D and I can touch it with my hands. 

On top of feeling happy and having fun, I feel a bit strange! 

Zaku: I understand that. Do you have a favorite release so far? Also, do you have any favorite points of the Nacchin kit?

Moi: Patrol Nacchin is my favorite! My favorite part of the kit is- well there are many part of the body that move in various ways! And the sole! It’s a cat’s paw!

Zaku: Among the various Nacchin variations, which one would you like to see released in the future?

Moi: I want everything to be three-dimensional.

FA Natchin and other countries' Jiritsu tanks, Nachin Girl and more!

Zaku: I also hope to see many more Nacchin releases! Well, is there anything else you would like to share with your international audience?

Moi: Everyone's works give me the energy to think about my next work. I hope you enjoy making it!

Zaku: Thank you so much for your time! And thank you for making Nacchin! 

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