Gigantic Arms 01 Powered Guardian

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Gigantic Arms 01 Powered Guardian

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Merged deformation as a concept [MSG's largest support unit series] started! 
It is a reinforced exoskeleton unit that carries "separation, coalescence, deformable gimmick" on a huge frame of about 260 mm in height. 
The upper body and the lower body can be brought on boards such as 150 mm equivalent figures including frame arm and girl by deforming them into different forms and combining them. 
And, "customized face parts" and "water transfer type decal" that can enjoy more frame arm's girls are included one by one, you can use it as you like.

The molding color of the main body is three color molding of sand brown, gun metallic, clear green. 
Newly developed hexagonal universal joint Uneven shoulder connected to core block, convert 5 mm diameter joint of hip joint to 3 mm diameter, enjoy together with parts such as frame arm and MSG. 
<Patent pending>

■ "Blitz Gunner" which forms the upper body can be transformed from "Air Ride Mode" on which Frame Arms / Girl can board to "Gunner Mode" on the back side. 
■ On the back of the cockpit, a pilot connection system like a spinal cord is mounted and it is possible to connect with 3 mm axis. Since the 3 mm axis can be freely moved up and down according to the joint part of the pilot figure, it is possible to correspond to various figures. 
If you do not use the 3 mm axis, we will fix the pilot figure with a movable arm. 
■ "Movable crawler" that forms the lower body can be transformed into a "tank type leg" or "4 leg type unit" that can be combined with a frame arm from a security droid. 
■ The customized face parts included are face parts that can be used for "Frame Arms / Girl Rune thunder" etc. You can use it for practice such as pasting paint and decals per flat shape without eyed dent. 
■ The water transfer type decal comes with six facial expressions (crying face, sleeping face, sleeping face, angry face, damaged face, surprising face,) attached selection form. Other markings can be affixed to your favorite position of the powered guardian. 
■ Newly developed hexagonal type general purpose joint Uneven shoulder connected to the core block, 5mm diameter hip joint can be converted to 3mm diameter, you can enjoy together with parts such as frame arm and MSG. 
<Patent pending>

■ Use at the time of coalescing Hexagonal joint (for shoulder) Horizontal minute 
■ Use at merger Hexagonal joint (for hip joint) Horizontal minute 
■ Customized face parts × 1 
■ General purpose water transfer type decal × 1 
■ Sub machine gun × 2 
■ Hexagonal type General purpose joint concave × 4 
■ Hexagonal type general purpose joint convex × 4 
■ Hexagonal type general purpose joint (5 mm) × 4

This product includes only the Modeling support goods. The Pilot shown in the pictures is not included. 

General Safety Warning: Products may contain sharp points, small parts, choking hazards, and other elements not suitable for children under 12 years old.
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