$ 37.50 

Developed for users who want Sujibori like extremely thin.
Sujibori can accommodate up to normal, depending on the depth from fine lines carve.
- Unlike Kegaki needle, so to minimize blurring of right and rise of plastic, a special process has been applied to the tip.
- When facing a flat used to draw.
- Has a hard tungsten needle and then processed into a diamond shape.
- This form can be processed into craftsmen and has a precision tungsten is not only a few people in Japan now.
(Sold loose copy of a similar shape but seems to be accurate. The only description of tungsten.)
Please enjoy the Japanese craftsmanship has been handed down from generation to generation.

- The material is part of the edge portion of the tungsten stainless steel handholds
- Total length 90mm dimension
- Partial possession of about 67mm
- Possession of about 5mm wide
- 23mm blade length of about

- This material is so very hard to bend, but push the case of such use, such as cutting or chisel such use because there is no sticky twist to the contrary, may end are missing.
※ When using this product, please use the glasses to protect eyes.