Community Spotlight: “Air Drop – Jesta” ChildOfMecha

“Air Drop – Jesta is complete! This project was a learning and experimentational for me, as I had to come up with a way to not only make fully deployed parachutes, come up with a way to hang them and the Jesta together, and only add simple details to the base kit. I’m happy with the result and I hope you all enjoy it. If you’d like to see the process in making this I’ve got over 100 hours of LIVE stream footage dedicated to the build process of this project.

I will only post a couple of pictures here because they are so many to chose from. Make sure you check the full gallery on



Air Drop - Jesta - 006.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 161.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 114.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 107.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 095.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 123.jpg


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